• POC DO Blade Larsson Ed. Seanprgium Blue/Iron OJ

  • $250.00

  • Description

    Do Blade is a dedicated sports frame, injected in grilamid for low weight and durability. It allows for great flexibility with the option to change your lens according to the conditions. The rubber inserts and the adjustable nose piece in hydrophilic rubber keeps the frame firmly in place.

    The lens tints are optimized for road bike, increasing contrasts on the road surface and helping you to spot irregularities, holes and gravel in time. The anti-fog and ripel treatments help keeping fog, dirt and grime off your lenses and makes water pearl off.

    About Gustav
    When Gustav didn't get a motocross for his tenth birthday, but a mountainbike instead, the route was set. Gustav's careeer started a few years later when mountinbiking was as it's biggest in the early nineties. To become a stronger mountainbiker Gustav started road biking and he quickly became successful enough to join the no 1 Pro Team Fassa Bortolo in 2003.

    Gustav is best known for his Time Trial abilities that got him both World and Olympic medals.


    Seaborgium Blue/Iron Orange
    Matt, Grilamid, Sticky Fit

    Lens: Zeiss
    Activity Specific Tint: Road
    Light Conditions: Allround Road
    Lens Treatment: Ripel, Anti-fog
    Tint: Violet
    VLT %: 28.4%
    VLT Category: S2

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