Since 2009, our new buyer, Ted Arnold, has been proudly selling PUBLIC Brand Bicycles and working hard with founder Rob Forbes and right-hand man Dan Nguyen-Tan. When Ted came onboard he knew the bikes were a perfect fit for our East Austin Neighborhood. "One of my biggest goals at the shop is to be in business with brands that want to be our partner, as well as producing products that fit Austin and the people who live here. It sounds funny, but there are so many brands and companies in our business that have forgotten that being successful is applying traditional, time proven business practices of realizing what consumers shop and buy. PUBLIC hasn't forgotten that and offers us a true partnership. I know, without fail they will support me as a dealer, and in-turn I can look customers in the eye and promise them to do the same." said Arnold.

Our Promise and In-Store Advantage

While we know that PUBLIC sells direct and online, we offer consumers a large selection of colors and options in-store, and ready to test ride. We back that up with a new bike satisfaction guarantee, a rear rack included, and 2 full tune-ups per year. It takes the pressure off our shoppers to know that we're professionals, can guide them through the fit and accessory process, and offer the ultimate mix of value and protection.

The Bikes 

Most of all we love that PUBLIC does things that other big box brands don't do. PUBLIC is always looking at the color and design palette to bring lots of great choices. The racks, fenders and rims are color matched, the bikes come out of the box in great shape, with a well-thought and durable parts mix. There are lots of imitations and brands that came along offering similar, but Public always manages all of the details, from parts to price, they're the best urban get around bike made.